The QLZH Foundation rounds up 2019

Whilst the QuickLets and Zanzi Homes PropTech company lists its achievements for 2019, the sector that deserved most of the attention is its philanthropic arm, the QLZH Foundation, now nearly two years old. When in January 2018, President Emeritus Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, patron of the foundation, officially launched the voluntary organisation, the goals were very clear; contribute towards a greener and cleaner Malta, educate children in Ghana as well as working towards improving the housing conditions in the African continent.


Backed up by a driven team of property specialists, a motivated leadership and administration team as well as family, friends and collaborators, the Foundation delivered on its promise in 2019 to make the local and foreign community a better place to live in. All activities organised by the QLZH Foundation this year were a follow up to the same ones the year before, ensuring continuity and sustainability.


The first activity organised by the Foundation this year was a fundraising event at Verdala Palace, the proceeds of which allowed for the sponsorship of a trip to Germany for a group of young adults with additional needs. This trip allows for these youngsters to spend some quality time with counterparts from around Europe whilst providing their relatives with the peace of mind their loved ones are enjoying a great time on holiday.


Later in summer, the Plastic Police Squad was once again deployed to the Maltese beaches to educate bathers and the surrounding establishments about the harms of single-use plastic. Together with this, to mark World Ocean Day, the divers within the foundation, in collaboration with the Police Department elevated an abandoned car from the sea which was getting dangerously close and leaving an impact on a historic landmark in Valletta.


However, most notably for the environment, in a joint effort with Act., the project Saġġar was propelled in the right direction to reach its goal to plant one million trees. The 114,000 pots received started to be steadily sowed with the over 200,000 handpicked seeds which will eventually be planted in the Maltese environment. Notable sponsors started showing their support towards the project by donating funds which are essential to help the project move steadily. Other companies also showed interest in organising informative and teambuilding activities whilst supporting the environment and Saġġar.


Although known for their innovative strategy, the team behind QuickLets and Zanzi Homes promised to upkeep a tradition on a yearly basis during the Christmas Season. Make a Zanzi Wish reached its third edition seeing a numbering of hospitalised children with chronic conditions receive the opportunity to make a wish. Their selected gifts were then delivered by Zanta accompanied by Her Excellency, the President Emeritus, Eurovision representative Michela Pace and local rap sensation Owen Luellen. In January 2018, QuickLets pledged to support the education of children in Ghana for every property it rented in Malta. This promise was also kept in 2019 with hundreds of current and future students from two schools in Ghana receiving books to further their education. 


As part of their nature, the team behind the QLZH Foundation is setting challenging goals for the year to come. Lots of effort and time is dedicated to this sector of the QuickLets and Zanzi Homes operations which is mediated by the motivation to contribute towards a happier planet. 


Whilst Saġġar enters into its most delicate but exciting phase in the next year, the QLZH Foundation also plans to continue delivering on its environmental pledge to clean more beaches and the Maltese ocean-bed. QuickLets will keep supporting more children’s education in Africa too. In 2020, the QLZH Foundation also plans to look into the possibility of organising an exhibition to raise awareness about the truth of mental health.