QLZH Foundation cleans 2.4 tons of litter

Over 2,400 kilograms of various forms of litter were cleaned around Xemxija Bay by the QLZH Foundation, the philanthropic arm of environmentally aware QuickLets and Zanzi Homes as part of their summer campaign to beautify the Maltese seascape. This is the fourth year running that the QLZH Foundation has organised similar activities promising from one year to the other to go bigger and clean larger spaces. 

This year, the QLZH Foundation decided to bring together other organisations that share their similar love for the environment and have gathered over one hundred volunteers to give Fekruna Bay some much needed attention. Divers, snorkelers and helpers on boats and land gave a hand to collect irresponsibly disposed waste both in the sea and the surrounding bay. Amongst the junk collecting, forming part of the impressive 2,418 kilograms of rubbish, were over 100 kilos of ocean plastic, 1,140 kilos of iron, forty tires amounting to 416 kilos as well as 72 kilos of waste on land which included broker plastic chairs, deflated floaties and much more. The main item cleansed from the rocky beach was an engine which required a crane to be lifted and which had been blemishing the beautiful scenery, as well as causing environmental damage for months. 

The event also served as an excellent team building opportunity for the team members of the Deloitte Foundation who were the main sponsors of the event. The Deloitte Foundation was quick to respond to the QLZH Foundation’s call for collaboration as the activity fit perfectly in line with the causes they have at heart and in common.

“Four summers ago, an idea sparked during one of our weekly company meetings”, says Steve Mercieca, Co-Founder of the QLZH Foundation, “we were delivering an awareness session to our people about the harm of single use plastic and we felt the urge to do something more than just raise the alarm, and so these ocean bed cleans ups came to life”, he continues. 

Spearheading the drive to combat the deterioration of the Maltese sea and its surroundings were Mark Camilleri and Joe Vassallo, both Franchise Owners at QuickLets and Zanzi Homes as well as active members of the QLZH Foundation.  “Each year we are literally shocked at the amount of waste we find at the bottom of the sea. We find it astonishing how people feel okay with disposing of tyres and all the other rubbish in one of the greatest assets our island has”, says Mark Camilleri. “It both angers us but also drives us to organise bigger clean ups year after year”, echoes Joe Vassallo, how have already promised to keep their environmental appointment with Mother Nature in summer 2021. 

Local swimming champion Neil Agius, who has recently completed the outstanding feat of swimming from Sicily to Malta raising awareness about the cause under the Wave of Change drive of which the QLZH Foundation was a main supporter, as well as environmental diver Raniero Borg also showed up to assist with the activity. Together with this, like the years before, ┼╗ibel assisted in separating and disposing the waste collected, Dr Juice provided refreshments whilst Bezz Diving supplied the equipment. Bolt, the Convenience Store and Gracy’s Brasserie also supported this environmental celebration.