Lottoland partners with Saġġar to plant 1000 indigenous trees

World-leading online lotto betting operator, Lottoland has become the most recent contributor to the Saġġar movement, the environmentally driven project is aiming to plant 1 million trees across the Maltese Islands dreamt up and brought to life by the QLZH Foundation. Lottoland has strong ties and operations in Malta – offering online betting on the biggest and best lotto draws the world has to offer, as well as casino games and sports betting.

Saġġar is a proactive collaboration between different sectors of society that brings about the ecological rehabilitation of the Maltese islands. Saġġar aims to sow and plant a million trees and shrubs of the native genotype and rehabilitate ecological reserves, public land, and private lands. To date, the team behind Saġġar has managed to propagate over 21,000 trees.

Lottoland’s ambassador for Malta is music sensation Ira Losco, who is well known for her stand on issues that concern the environment and social causes. ‘Mankind’s biggest jackpot is our living nature, I think it’s extremely important that all companies small or large, are socially committed to do their part and contribute to the environment. For our future. For a better world’, says Losco.

“We are always humbled when organisations such as Lottoland approach us to sponsor Saġġar, not just for the much-needed financial contribution but also because it gives us confidence that other

companies share our same values in safeguarding our natural environment and Malta’s green landscape”, says Steve Mercieca, Head of the Environmental Committee at the QLZH Foundation.

Nigel Birrell, CEO of Lottoland commented: “Lottoland is a global business that is active in 15 markets, has over 350 employees, and more than 14 million customers worldwide. ESG is at the heart of the company’s operations, and we are committed to supporting all the communities that we operate in. Over the last year, Lottoland has planted more than 500,000 trees’ globally and we are committed to supporting charities such as Saġġar.”

As the Saġġar project evolves, the need for further collaboration becomes more important. The support Lottoland provided enables the team at the QLZH Foundation to look forward with confidence to the upcoming planting season.